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A common reason people bring their dogs and cats to Holland Veterinary Hospital is to receive treatment for skin conditions. Most problems associated with skin conditions are caused by allergies. Pet allergies can often be found in the Hattiesburg area, and can be caused by fleas, food, atopic dermatitis, and contact allergens such as grass or pollen.

Treatment of dermatological issues has progressed in recent years in veterinary medicine. In the past, only steroids, antihistamines, and medicated shampoos were available for pets suffering from allergies. While these are still excellent methods of treatment, the doctors at Holland Veterinary Hospital are pleased to offer more advanced therapies for allergies. Immunotherapy is the process of placing very tiny amounts of allergens are placed under the tongue of the pet, and can improve their condition as larger amounts of the product are administered. There are also new oral products available which can significantly improve itching no matter whether the cause is fleas, food, atopic dermatitis or contact allergens.

The experienced doctors at Holland Veterinary Hospital have successfully cared for many pets suffering from allergies, and they can bring this same level of care and experience to your furry friend. If you feel your pet may be suffering from an allergic condition, please call one of the compassionate team members at Holland Veterinary Hospital and schedule an appointment today!