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Heartworm Testing

Did you know that Hattiesburg and the surrounding areas are among the highest regions in the United States for heartworm disease according The American Heartworm Society? (Please refer to the incidence maps at the American Heartworm Society: https://www.heartwormsociety.org/pet-owner-resources/incidence-maps). Year-round heartworm prevention is especially important in southern Mississippi for both dogs AND cats. Holland Veterinary Hospital carries only the safest and most effective heartworm preventatives available at both our locations in Hattiesburg and Wiggins.

In the event you have missed doses of heartworm preventative to your dog, or adopted a dog and are unsure of their heartworm status, we can test them right here at Holland Vet. A small blood draw will be used in our state-of-the-art tests, and results can be returned while you wait with your beloved pet. One of our caring veterinarians will then instruct you on what steps need to be taken for your pet’s health, whether they are heartworm positive or negative.

Please remember that prevention is always less expensive and more effective than treatment of heartworm disease. Call one of our caring professionals at Holland Veterinary Hospital to schedule an appointment for heartworm preventative and testing today!